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February 01, 2018

Tillerson Lays the Ground for Endless War in Syria
By Charles V. Peña
Washington still thinks it's calling the shots—and we'll fight forever to prove it. - Continue


Saber-Rattling, Nuclear Threat – Or an Even More Devastating War?
By Peter Koenig
Sable-rattling about nuclear Armageddon is just a smoke screen, a deviation maneuver to hide a much worse atrocity. - Continue


US - War Dog Wants to Bite, But What and How?
By Andre Vltchek
The Empire, once mighty, ruthless and frightening is now jumping around like a dog infected with rabies. - Continue


Hamas Leader Ismail Haniya Added to US 'Terror List'
By Al Jazeera
His financial assets wil be frozen. He will be banned from travel, and this makes it easier for the US to try to bring him to trial. - Continue


Demystifying US and Israeli Power
By Susan Cain and Mark Mason
Israel is a subsidiary, a brand-name logo to disguise US corporate imperialism. - Continue


Free Speech Victory: Federal Court Strikes Down a Law that Punishes Supporters of Israel Boycott
By Glenn Greenwald
A Kansas law designed to punish people who boycott Israel is an unconstitutional denial of free speech. - Continue


Mass Surveillance and the Memory Hole
By Ted Snider
NSA not only destroyed evidence but serially mislead the courts - Continue


Digenova: Make No Mistake, This Was An FBI Plot To Frame The President
FBI Warns Of 'Grave Concerns' About 'Accuracy' Of GOP Snooping Memo. - Continue


Trump State of the Union Address 2018 - Full Speech
Video and Transcript
After years and years of wages stagnation, we are finally seeing rising wages. Unemployment claims have hit a 45-year low. - Continue


Made in the USA: The Real History of the MS-13 Gang Trump Talked About in State of the Union
By Daniel Denvir & Democracy Now!
It’s our foreign policies, our military interventions and our long history—that, unfortunately, that created MS-13 in the first place. - Continue


State of the Union: Democratic Rebuttal By Joe Kennedy
Video and Transcript
"The greatest, strongest, richest nation in the world should not have to leave anyone behind." - Continue


Turkey kills 65 in Syria’s northwestern Afrin

Syrian army unearths bodies of 45 soldiers killed by al-Qaida militants in Idlib

Russia says hundreds killed in Turkish operation in Syria's Afrin: Ifax

Suspected Russian warplanes hit busy market in Idlib, kill 15: rescuers, residents

Airstrike against hospital in Idlib, 5 dead, hospital in ruins

Turkish civilian killed, two injured in Idlib

Russia-backed Syrian peace talks agree deal on new constitution

U.S. ‘Plan B’ for the Middle East. The Occupation of One Third of Syria’s Territory

Locals want US troops out of Iraq after 8 reportedly killed in coalition air strike (VIDEO)

Seven Islamic State militants killed as troops repulse attack near Syrian borders

Yemen: 12 troops killed in Al Qaida attack in Shabwa

US kills 2 pro-govt fighters in central Yemen

Trump: Countries against Jerusalem move are enemies

Watch: Palestinian activists storm business meeting in Bethlehem, forcing US delegates to flee

UN appeals for emergency funds for Palestine, Syria

Prof. Richard Falk: Rather than Addressing Israeli Apartheid, Nikki Haley Chooses to Attack Me

Turkey to deploy air and naval forces to Qatar

US ready to work with Qatar to 'deter' external threats

Libyan army kills 2 IS members in southern Libya

Taliban active in 70% of Afghanistan: Study

Taliban gaining strength and territory in Afghanistan

The US Is Losing Badly in Afghanistan, but the Trump Administration Is Telling Americans Less

No military solution to Afghan issue, reiterates Pakistan: “Afghan and other issues can only be addressed through dialogue as military solution has totally failed.”

Iran's top leader says US relocates IS to Afghanistan

Pyongyang seriously boosted missile program in past year – Russian envoy

Ending North Korea oil supplies would be seen as act of war, says Russia

Giving North Korea a 'bloody nose' carries a huge risk to Americans

North Korea slams US as 'gross violator of human rights'

Trump’s North Korea Rhetoric Is an Ominous Carbon Copy of Bush’s Words About Iraq 15 Years Ago

US ballistic missile intercept reportedly fails in Hawaii for 2nd time in a year

U.K. Court Finds Government’s Surveillance Powers Unlawful

The U.S. List of Russian Oligarchs Is a Disgrace

Fearmongering, pure and simple: "Russia is ready to kill us by the thousands’. So reads a headline in today’s Daily Telegraph

Venezuelan Gov't, Opposition Reach 'Pre-agreement'

Tax Haven Giants - Switzerland and US - 'Looting' Countries: Switzerland and the United States rank number one and two, respectively, when it comes to tax evasion.

Trump Embraces the Original Sin of Guantánamo

Humor: George W. Bush Returns Cold Open - SNL: President George W. Bush (Will Ferrell) addresses the nation and compares his presidency to that of President Donald Trump's.

Greenspan Warns: "We Have A Stock Market Bubble"

Veteran of war in Afghanistan could be deported soon, attorney says : Perez's attorney, Chris Bergin, said the case highlights hypocrisy in how the country treats some American military service members.

Made in the USA: The Real History of the MS-13 Gang Trump Talked About in State of the Union

75% of Viewers Approve of Trump’s Maiden State of the Union Speech

Democrats blast Trump decision to hold off on Russia sanctions

Andrew McCabe Under Active DOJ Investigation: It turns out McCabe SAT on emails from Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Yes! THOSE emails! Clinton emails.

Watch: DIGENOVA: Make No Mistake, This Was An FBI Plot To Frame The President

FBI Warns Of 'Grave Concerns' About 'Accuracy' Of GOP Snooping Memo

Christopher Steele Gave FBI A Second Dossier From Notorious Clinton ‘Hatchet Man’

Nunes a ‘Russian agent’? House intel chairman under fire from media & Democrats

Intercepted Podcast: Hate of the Union

Trump Officials Are Exploring Mass Arrests of US Mayors

Each day, 91 Americans die from an opioid overdose


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