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January 05/06, 2020

Trump Says US Will Not Leave Iraq Until Baghdad Pays for American Air Base, Threatens Sanctions
By Sputnik News
We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it [...] We will charge them sanctions like they’ve never seen before ever. - Continue


January 05, 2016

“Yankee, Go Home!” - Iraqi parliament passes resolution calling for US troops to be expelled
By ICH &Agencies
Parliament also called on the government to ban the use of Iraqi airspace by any foreign power. - Continue


Nasrallah: US soldiers, officers will go home in coffins after Soleimani assassination
ICH & Agencies
Trump had been using Daesh (terror group) as a pretext to control Iraq and its wealth. - Continue



Putin’s Hour Is At Hand
By Paul Craig Roberts
Only Putin and Russia with China’s help can stop this war that Washington has set in motion. - Continue


Joint message of Iran, Russia and China to the world
By Alireza Majidi
This issue, more than any other thing, has caused concern among the White House officials and anti-Iran lobbyists in Washington. - Continue


Vice President Pence Lies About Soleimani, 9/11 in Plain Sight Of Mother, Bible, Half-Eaten Apple Pie
By Stephen Robinson
This issue, more than any other thing, has caused concern among the White House officials and anti-Iran lobbyists in Washington. - Continue


US Outlaw State
By Finian Cunningham
Pre-emptive “defensive” murder is not legally credible. - Continue


The USA Doubles Down on its Saudi Allegiance
By Craig Murray
Tel Aviv and Riyadh will also be celebrating today. - Continue


Iranian-Americans Reportedly Detained, Asked About Political Views at US Border
By Jake Johnson
"DHS has issued a national order to CBP to 'report' and detain anyone with Iranian heritage entering the country who is deemed potentially suspicious" - Continue


Venezuelan Opposition Rejects Juan Guaido's Leadership
By teleSUR
Venezuelan parliamentarians declared opposition against Guaidó for having used the presidency of the parliament as a personal project to enrich himself. - Continue



14 civilians killed by unknown gunmen in Syria's Raqqa: watchdog

Syria: 9 killed in missile strike on displacement camp

Special envoy of President al-Assad, Mamlouk visits Tehran and meets Shamkhani

Iran Foreign Minister vows US will be 'eliminated' from Middle East after drone strike kills top General

Iran's Foreign Minister Compares Trump to Ancient ‘Barbarian’

'Terrorist in a suit': Condemnation of Trump's threats to target Iran's cultural sites

Fact or fiction? Iranian TV announces a crowdsourcing effort among citizens to raise $80 Million Bounty For President Trump's Head

US warns it will 'target' 52 Iranian sites if Tehran retaliates

Iran Army Commander Says US Lacks Courage to Strike the 52 Targets Trump Spoke About

Senior Lawmaker: Iran to Hit Over 6,000 US Targets If Attacked

Iraq's Sadr calls for "humiliating" U.S. troop exit -letter: Moqtada al-Sadr said on Sunday a parliamentary resolution calling on the government to end foreign troop presence did not go far enough and called on local and foreign militia groups to unite.

US Starts Troops Pullout amid Iran’s ‘Tough Revenge’ Warnings: “the US has been pulling out its troops from the region, despite claims to the contrary”.

Hashd Al-Shaabi (Iraqi popular forces) Warns to Attack Worldwide US Targets

Watch: Millions join funeral procession of Qassem Soleimani

China might take Iran’s side in a war with US: Beijing’s ties with Tehran are crucial to its energy and geopolitical strategies

Russia, China FMs talk with Iran counterpart

Mike Pence shares 9/11 conspiracy theory about Qassem Soleimani in attempt to justify killing

Pompeo Slams Allies As Not Sufficiently Supportive After Suleimani Murder

UK Navy deployed to Gulf

Anti-war protesters organize around US

Outraged Americans condemn US actions in Iraq and Iran: 'Enough with this nonsense'

Iran Rolls Back Nuke Deal Commitments, Vows to Enrich Uranium Based On Its Tech Needs – Report

Freudian Slip? Netanyahu Calls Israel a 'Nuclear Power' During Cabinet Meeting

People Gather in New York City For March Against Anti-Semitic Attacks - Video


At least 30 killed in Libya military academy attack

Turkey sends troops to prop up Libya’s UN-backed puppet government

Egypt Warns Against Turkish Military ‘Interference’ in Libya

14 killed in Burkina Faso bus attack

U.S. service member, contractors killed in militant attack in Kenya:


5 killed in clash in N. Afghan province


U.S. lapdog: Venezuelan Self-Proclaimed 'President' Guaido Ousted as National Assembly Chief - Report

Biden Rips Trump's '52 Sites' Threat Against Iran: 'Incredibly Dangerous, 'Irresponsible'

Biden Caught In 'Flat-Out Lie' Over Bin Laden Raid

How the Pentagon was duped by contractors using shell companies: Some Defense Department suppliers have used front companies to fraudulently win manufacturing bids, US government says.




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